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The Spoils

1. Superlap Championship Jacket
2. Gorilla Race Engineering Gift Certificate
3. Vorschlag Motorsports Gift Certificate

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The Challengers

The NASA NOLA Superlap Challenge is open to any NASA member who competes in a NASA NOLA Time Trial event. It is open to any driver with an approved NASA Time Trial license who competes in any NASA Time Trial class. For information on how to obtain your NASA Time Trial license, contact the NASA NOLA Time Trial Director at NASATT@nolamotor.com .

The Rules

The name, borrowed heavily from the Hyper Rev super Battle of Japan and the “Sport Compact Car”/“Superstreet Magazine” Super Lap Battle of the early 2000s pay tribute to the early days of Time Attack. This competition is designed to further enhance the already competitive sport of Time Trials. While drivers compete in class with othert cars prepared to similar standards, this competition awards the driver for their skill regardless of class. It gives “extra credit” for those drivers participating in many events and finishing high against large class competition. Competition updates will be featured on this website. Sign up for NASA NOLA events at NasaProRacing.com and join the hunt for the NASA NOLA Superlap Challenge!

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